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The End of a Chapter

Hello again my old blog! I have missed you so dearly. Just to make up for the absence, I had finished my previous blog in its entirety. Don’t know about it? I’ll fill you in!

The blog I wrote: was a blog where I had written every day for the whole year of 2014. I made it as my new year resolution, and to my satisfaction, I had ACTUALLY FUCKING COMPLETED IT. Awww yeahhhh.

Although that’s over I might just come back here. I won’t promise I’ll write every day, but I’ll do my best ­čÖé

Hello again, old friends!


Withered words

Oh dear. It’s one of those lulls.

Hello my loves.

My lovely words.

And those who devour ’em with eyes.

I apologize for my absence. I’m horribly regretful for being neglectful.

But life proves, once again,

that she’s the evil sunshine that spears through the creative cloud.

I’m sorry, loves.

If you’re curious. I’ve been quite busy,

New Job. New Goals. New Passions. But, writing still aches and hungers inside;

I’ll try to satiate her.

Keep those hungry eyes open.

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Intro to A Memoir

When the Existentialist Exists.

I pause in front of mirrors; viewing jars holding me. Please, let me just have this one.

This existentialist is a questioner and a hopeless dreamer. He often ponders on the existence of the past and future. So when given the task of recording all that had formed his person, his black ink bleeds on paper like a dying sun. Does he use eloquent calligraphy to start at emergence from the womb? Or does he begin with blunt, print handwriting at the end?

The only memories that arrive to him are the loves that had shaped him, and the experiences that had followed behind: the growth, the decay; the birth, and the death. He could write about his birth, his growth from Spanish Harlem, to living in a strong fruitful community; but those moments in time have faded; blurs amidst the foggy memories that had occurred before his true prints. The prints, the loves that had made him him, will always leave their mark. All perceived positive qualities derive from such experiences, and the remainder of his memories serve as mere building blocks; but as an existentialist, he questions its existence.

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Snipping that Red Ribbon

Alright, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; I’ll be snipping a red ribbon with absolutely zero patrons watching.

This first life post shall be an introduction to myself and what my intentions are. You know, standard procedure.

My name’s Tristan, and I’m an aspiring playwright and writer. I write everything and anything I can everyday, so I warn you, I may be erratic in my writing some days. Ever since I was a kid, I loved story-telling. I would always volunteer to write a short piece of fiction that would apply to my Middle-school/high school courses; and when I got that A (sometimes B) I would be so proud of my work that I had to show everyone. I didn’t care for Test grades, or labs, just my stories. So, that’s how I came to be a writer.

When college came around, I actually did not know what I wanted to do with my life. At first I wanted to be a film director because I’ve always had a clear cut view of how I wanted stories to be told. However, people like friends and family would often look at me strange and say that it wasn’t very realistic nor practical. So I started studying Engineering. After a while, that fell through and I started studying Criminal Justice because I found it quite interesting. That interest derived from a high school course of Forensics, and as many people found, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

In my fourth year of college, I’ve grown accustomed to my field of study and started to grow bored. I received great grades (knock on wood) and found that Criminal Justice made college repetitive. That’s when I started to scour for a minor (late I know). I thought, hey, maybe I can look into becoming a director now! But, to no avail, the campus did not offer any real film-making courses. However, I did see availability in Theater. I took up a few courses, and this past semester, I made it my goal to try to become a playwright. So far, I’m loving ┬áTheater. It’s such an incredible world where audience and story could interact. There’s just so many possibilities and limits I could toy with. Whew, I’ll go into further detail later on.

Now you’re all caught up on my life. There are definitely some very interesting events in my life, but I think I’ll save ’em for rainy days. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, if not, I officially have a diary.